What is an IMT?

An AHIMT is a comprehensive resource (a team) to either enhance ongoing operations through provision of infrastructure support, or when requested, transition to an incident management function to include all components/functions of a Command and General Staff. An AHIMT:

  • Includes command and general staff members and support personnel.
  • Has statutory authority and/or formal response requirements and responsibilities.
  • Has pre-designated roles and responsibilities for members (identified and able to be contacted for deployment).
  • Is available 24/7/365.

Does the Pitkin IMT deploy outside of Pitkin County?

Although we are focused on serving the people, responders and local government agencies in Pitkin County, we are available to assist with any incident in the State of Colorado.

Requests for assistance from the Pitkin IMT must be made through the Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center by calling (970) 920-5310.

What type of incidents is the Pitkin IMT availble to assist with?

The Pitkin IMT is designed to integrate into a local public safety agency's initial response to an emerging incident. Our team will seamlessly work into your current operations and work towards a transition from your personnel to our team allowing your personnel to return their focus to their primary duties.

Our team of dedicated professional, subject matter experts in incident management are available for any emerging incident you may have. From floods, to environmental hazards, to planned special events, the Pitkin County IMT is eager to assist.